What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish Country Dancing, the social dancing of Scotland, has been enjoyed in the barns, ballrooms and village halls of Scotland for at least 250 years! The rhythm of lively jigs and reels sets the toes tapping; the haunting airs and strathspeys, unique to Scottish music, bring grace and elegance to the dance floor.

You don’t have to be Scottish to join in the pleasure of Scottish Country Dancing. The dances are so much fun to do that they have attracted a much wider following than the original ethnic Scots, who are often in the minority in many branches in Canada.

You don’t have to come dancing with a partner. Dance sets are made up of at least 6 people and change after each dance, so few participants sit on the sidelines just watching.

You don’t have to wear the kilt, gentlemen, but you’ll probably want to! Slacks and soft shoes can replace the kilt and ghillies. The ladies also need soft shoes and comfortable clothing, a skirt or dress is preferable but not necessary, for classes and dances.